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  • Data cleaning : in fact it not about how to find linear outliers or to handle missing values.. …

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In this post we will show how to use Prevision.io sdk to create a multi-classification use case using white wine quality data from the UCI Machine Learning Repository.
The machine learning objective is to predict white wine quality from its chemical characteristics such as (acidity, ph, density, sulphates ..)

How an Image Classification use-case works:

Image classification is dealt as a supervised learning problem: Each image is labelled with its corresponding name, and then the classifier is trained to recognize them using the labeled photos.

Overview of Prevision.io auto-ml platform

What is Automated Machine Learning?

Each data scientist, whatever his level of expertise, would tell you that applying traditional end to end machine learning process to real-world business problems is very tedious, time and resource consuming and challenging.

What about Prevision.io ?

Prevision.io provides an automated machine learning platform to generate and deploy highly accurate predictive models on cloud or on-premise. …

Zeineb Ghrib

Data Scientist @ Prevision.io

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