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In this post we will go through the overall text classification pipeline, and especially the data pre-processing steps, we will be using a Glove pre-trained word embedding.
Textual features processing is a little bit more tricky than linear or categorical features. In fact, machine learning algorithms are more about scalars and vectors rather than characters or words. So we have to convert the text input into scalars, and the keystone 🗝 element consists in how to find out the best representation of the input words. This is the main idea behind Natural Language Processing

We will use a dataset from…

In this post we will expose some new features integrated in Prevision.io platform that covers Natural Language Processing.

Textual features is usually more tricky and harder to process than the linear/categorical features. In fact we need to transform texts into machine readable format which requires a lot of pre-processing.

The main challenges in text based processing are the following:

  • Data cleaning : in fact it not about how to find linear outliers or to handle missing values.. …

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All passionate machine learning developers enjoy a lot create, train and find out the best fitted models for their use cases. But the last remaining question is how to put these models in production and make them ready to be consumed?

In real world industry the majority of Artificial Intelligence use cases are simply limited in the POC phase, which is very frustrating :( !!

In this post, we will go through the entire life-cycle of a machine learning model process: starting from data retrieving to model serving.

We will use the IBM Watson Marketing Customer Value Data gathered from…

When I integrated Prevsion.io, I realized how much it is easy to resolve machine learning use cases within reduced delays. Thanks to the auto-ml platform offered by Prevision all we have to do is to discuss with the client about business insights and potential features/additional data to add, and we leave the platform doing all the machine learning process.

However, the remaining question is how to make our clients consume the models with satisfying performances for them. Fortunately, Prevision offers, in addition to the auto-ml studio, a cloud platform service, called Store, allowing to deploy your models or web apps…


In this post we will show how to use Prevision.io sdk to create a multi-classification use case using white wine quality data from the UCI Machine Learning Repository.
The machine learning objective is to predict white wine quality from its chemical characteristics such as (acidity, ph, density, sulphates ..)

Furthermore we will compare prevision performances with other self made coding algorithms, and show how we can compare both approachs within exactly the same scope (same cross validation/ test evaluation) despite the black box characteristic of the auto-ml solution offered by prevision platform.

Checkout my previous post to see how to…

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Prevision.io UI interface to build powerful image classifier without an advanced technical background. The machine Pipeline process is fully automated via Prevision.io platform.

The dataset that will be used is composed of images of different components of a train:

Each image is associated with a label from 4 classes:
1. Faces
2. Pantographs
3. Rails
4. Roofing

How an Image Classification use-case works:

Image classification is dealt as a supervised learning problem: Each image is labelled with its corresponding name, and then the classifier is trained to recognize them using the labeled photos.

In order to launch…

Overview of Prevision.io auto-ml platform

What is Automated Machine Learning?

Each data scientist, whatever his level of expertise, would tell you that applying traditional end to end machine learning process to real-world business problems is very tedious, time and resource consuming and challenging.

Automated machine learning addresses these issues by applying a systematic process of iterative and time consuming tasks required to develop a machine learning model. All repetitive steps such as model building / training/ selection / tuning .. are fully automated and parallelized.

What about Prevision.io ?

Prevision.io provides an automated machine learning platform to generate and deploy highly accurate predictive models on cloud or on-premise. …

Zeineb Ghrib

Data Scientist @ Prevision.io

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